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June 4, 2012

Fruit Rolls

Fruit Rolls Living Bittersweetly

Nothing says summer like fresh fruit. I made this recipe using strawberries and mangoes (one of my favorite combinations). If you don't like strawberries and mangoes, you can easily replace any other type of fruit. My mom is allergic to mango so I made some plain strawberry ones for her. I bet a raspberry and blueberry combination would be delicious as well. I just want to eat these rolls all the time; they're so delicious and pretty.

4 Spring roll wrappers
1 cup uniformly chopped strawberries and mangoes. (There is a great tutorial on how to cut a mango here.)
Bowl of warm water

1. Dip spring roll wrappers into warm water until they are soft and have the texture of cooked pasta.
2. Spoon fruit into a log shape in the center of the circle.
3. Fold sides into middle.
4. Fold short end over.
5. Roll remaining wrapper into itself.
6. Eat!


janaetime said...

Wow! I've never seen spring rolls used with fruit before. This is super interesting! Do you ever eat them with a dip like this? (Maybe yogurt?)

kristen. said...

@janaetime I've never tried them with any dip but yogurt would probably taste really good with them. You could even roll the yogurt into the wrappers too!