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June 26, 2012

It's all in the details.

am a firm believer that the little things make life exciting. I find that the photos I take (I'm trying to take even more!) are of random things that I see. These little details make my life exciting and I'm excited to start sharing them with you in my "It's all in the details" series. 

I went to the beach with my family last Thursday and it was a great time. I went swimming and caught up on some guilty pleasure reading. I can't help it! Cosmo is just perfect for the beach... Anyways, the beach was beautiful. I couldn't help but include this silly photo of me and my nana. She hates having her picture taken because she says they come out so bad. Most of the time, it is her fault considering she's moving or talking. Either way I thought this picture was super cute. I found this crab shell in the sand. It was pretty but looked kind of gross so I took a picture instead of picking it up.

My eleven year old Golden Retriever, Penny, makes the most adorable faces. I swear she has no idea that she's a dog and responds to what you say to her. Penny is sick and has the early stages of kidney disease. This means that she takes a ton of pills every day and doesn't want to eat or drink. I've been cooking chicken and rice or ground beef and rice for her and giving her at home IV's to keep her healthy. I've been trying to be the best puppy-mama I can and have been wrestling her to eat and take her medicine. It's a challenge, considering how uncooperative she is but she's definitely more energetic after she's eaten.

In the middle of working two jobs and doing a summer internship I finally had time to spend with some friends from high school. Erin, Kristen (yes there's another one!, Lily and I got dinner and ice cream and hung out for a few hours. While waiting for Erin to get out of work, the rest of us found some awesome graffiti in a random alley way. I'm loving the ram's head with bows and hearts. 


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