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June 17, 2012

Vacation: Day 3: Key West

The third stop on my cruise was to Key West, Florida. Key West is one of my favorite places. It's so cute and touristy. There are so many souvenir shops and there are vintage signs and decor everywhere. I love places that are kitschy and Key West is the very definition of it. I love all of the old wooden signs and the advertisements every where for  Key (West) Lime Pie. Speaking of pie, I went on a walking tour where I got to sample food from a few local places but more on that later.
Living Bittersweetly in Key West

xo, Kristen


Benlovesting said...

Loving your photos!

kristen. said...


Jamie Gregory said...

Wow, this is really bizarre. I live in a small city in central Ohio called Delaware, Ohio. In downtown Delaware we have a little movie theater called Strand Theatre! How ironic! I couldn't believe it when I saw your photo! Here's the website for our local Strand Theatre: http://www.thestrandtheatre.net/


kristen. said...

That's so strange. I really love small movie theaters like that so I couldn't help but take a picture when I passed it.
Also, I love the heading on the Strand in Ohio's website!

Jamie Gregory said...

It's owned by the local university and operated as a non-profit. It doesn't have top notch technology or spiffy seats but we love the history & the atmosphere there!