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June 8, 2012

Vacation: Nassau

Nassau Living Bittersweetly The first stop on my cruise was to Nassau, Bahamas. Nassau is beautiful. It's a bright colorful city on the ocean. There's a ton of shopping to do in Nassau; there are so may diamond and gemstone stores and high fashion boutiques along with the standard souvenir shops. I loved how the buildings were as colorful as the flowers around the city. And I loved the murals that I walked past. As a designer, I of course love the official logo of the Bahamas, which is a stylized representation of the islands, how cool is that! After shopping, my mom and I went swimming with dolphins! It was so fun and I'll talk more about my dolphin swim in another post. The only down side to Nassau is that the government requires the shops to close around 6pm so after dusk there wasn't much to do except go to bars and restaurants and my mom did not want to go bar hopping! 

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xo, Kristen

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