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June 28, 2012

War is Helvetica

Have you ever explored Kickstarter? It's an awesome website where people who are starting a project of some sort can reach out to people for funding often in return for some sort of reward. 

I recently found an awesome typography project entitled "War is Helvetica." It will be a short film by Dan Schreiner about a battle between the Arial Squad and the  Helveterans. Due to my typography obsession, I needed to fund this project. (Fingers crossed it does get funded.) Whether or not you decide to back this project (but why wouldn't you?) the video and photos of Dan's designs for this project are awesome and I suggest you check it out. 

What do think about Dan Schreiner's designs? Or any other  Kickstarter projects for that matter? Let me know in the comments.

Update: Here is the animatic for the project.


image source


Jamie Gregory said...

The promotional video was hilarious!

kristen. said...

Wasn't it? I'm so excited for the film to be made.

Anonymous said...

You guys are awesome. Thanks for your support.