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July 1, 2012

July Goals

Blog at least five days a week.
Receive an "A" in my summer science class.
Be the best puppy care taker for Penny as possible.
Keeping the freak outs over my tuition bill to a minimum.
Enjoy time with friends that I don't see often.
Design a website for my internship that I'm proud of.
Read as much as I can of the books assigned for my classes in the fall.

Do you have any goals for the upcoming month?
Happy July!

xo, Kristen


Sabine said...

good luck on your July goals! I don't have any Goals myself for this month. But its a good idea I will make some goals for the next month in this month :D

kristen. said...

Thanks! I'm trying to motivate myself to have a good time and be productive this summer and making lists usually works well for me.

Diana said...

Good luck! You'll make it!

kristen. said...