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August 24, 2012

Links of the Week || 001

1. Wedding Tiara DIY- No, I'm not getting married. I dont even have a boyfriend. But this wedding tiara is just too beautiful not to share. The photos in this tutorial are gorgeous too. That lighting! 

2. foodgawker- I'm addicted to food porn... This site is pretty much just gorgeous food photo after gorgeous food photo. I really just can't express how much I love a well styled food photo.

3. My Little Pony Creator- I found this when I was reading Cheeky Cheeky. You can make your own personalized My Little Pony. Enough said.

4. A Softer World: 481- I love reading A Softer World. I was revisiting their archives recently and found this one and I love the mixed emotions it evokes.

5. Puppy- Uhmmm. It's a cute puppy. Just look at it.

Have you found anything exciting on the internet recently?

kristen from living bittersweetly

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