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June 6, 2013

Reasons I Suck at Blogging Vol. 1

One of the things I love seeing on my favorite lifestyle blogs is beautiful food photography. Strangely enough, there is an obvious lack of food on here and on my instagram feed. Why you ask? 

Because of two of my fatal flaws: eternal hunger and impatience. I'm always so impatient, especially for food. When food appears in front of me I need it in my mouth immediately. The sushi in the above photo (along with the four other food photos on my instagram) only exists because instagram was still a novelty and I, like everyone else in the smart phone universe, had the desire to see how my food looked in filters "Amaro" through "Kelvin." Before thoughts of "Nashville" even came to be though, I probably devoured the majority of my food considering there's like less than half of the maki I ordered in this photo because I already ate it. It's a miracle I even remembered iPhone apps were a thing while consuming raw fish. 

Basically, I'm saying I wil always suck as a lifestyle blogger because I never remember to photograph my food until it's in the process of being digested. So maybe this is a reminder to pause a moment and snap a photo or two of an interesting meal or pretty culinary presentation. Or to complain about my lack of patience. Or even poke fun at the trend of food photography on lifestyle blogs. Regardless, it's something that I see a lot of and enjoy and never remember to do.

This series, by the way, isn't supposed to be taken seriously. I don't think someone can actually suck at lifestyle blogging. I also do want to start getting better at i.e. remembering to take photos of food though. So here's to pointing out what I think my blogging flaws are and working on improving them, while being amusing (for myself at least).
kristen from living bittersweetly


RC Cola said...

Ha, I'm the same way! I eat it voraciously and then realize later, oops, I forgot to photograph it.

Plus, I hate when I'm looking through Instagram when I'm a bit sick to my stomach and seeing dozens of food photos.

So being impatient and not wanting to see other's food photos, I just never post them either!


Kristen S said...

That's so true! I hate how everyone instagrams food when I'm sick or worse: hungry! Hahha.