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August 19, 2012

Photos from my Weekend


Kristen from Living Bittersweetly

Babies and Cake

This weekend while at my aunt's house I played with some cute little kittens that one of her cats had a few months ago. One of them took a liking to my toes and then I couldn't help but cuddle with him after dinner. 

On Sunday my little cousin Charlotte was baptized. She's so cute and I snapped a few pictures of her during the service. She lost one of her tiny slippers most likely because her big sister, Sadie kept touching her feet to show every one her shoes. Charlotte Quinn and I spent some time together during the party and she was having a great time bouncing up and down on my lap and giggling from pulling my hair.

At the party, Sadie was going around pouring sand from her sandbox on everyone's feet. It was so adorable and when she was done "sanding" my mom she helped her put her sandals back on. Charlotte's mom made a gorgeous cake complete with a fondant baby that ended up getting saved in the freezer because no one could eat it. My other sweet cousin, Leila had a great time playing with Charlotte and then stole my camera and took about fifty out of focus pictures of Charlotte. 

How was your weekend?



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