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July 2, 2013


Hello, July and goodbye, June. Here's some things that have been on my mind and going on lately. 

I've been going to an adorable cafe in Providence called the Duck and Bunny with a lot of my friends lately for tea and cupcakes. This is seriously one of the cutest places I've ever been to and so delicious too. I'm obsessed with their honey cupcake with lavender frosting and the vegan dark chocolate, mixed-berry cupcake. I've been there twice in the past month and want to go soon for lunch to try their crepes (and most definitely devour a cupcake). 

Debating renaming.
When I started Living Bittersweetly about a year ago, I really liked the name. It seemed fitting. I liked the idea of bittersweet, two opposing forces that work well together and it describes me pretty well and I still like this idea and the way it sounds but I'm not crazy about the "living" part anymore. I've been thinking about changing the blog name for a while but am not sold on anything yet. Anyone have suggestions?

Rainbows everywhere. Ever since I had to put Penny to sleep I've been seeing a rainbow at least once a week, starting with the day after. I'm not that superstitious or anything but to me it's a sign that she's okay and happy and looking after me.

For my driver's permit. I know most people have their licenses the instant they turn 16 but I never took driver's ed in high school because I couldn't afford a car, gas or insurance and it seemed silly to go through all of the things to get a license. Now, I'm getting it so after college I can get to places if I leave Boston and surprisingly a lot of places don't accept state IDs as valid identification..

Freaking out over.
I'm going to be a senior in college in two months time. It's so weird to be that close to finishing school and embarking on real life with a job and an apartment and grownup things.

  kristen from living bittersweetly

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