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June 22, 2012

[[inspired by]] Alphonse Mucha

Dusk by Mucha

Cognac by MuchaA lphonse Mucha is one of my favorite artists. His work is so gorgeous and as a graphic designer, his advertisements are a big inspiration to me. His illustrations and incredible details are the pinnacle of amazing design. The products which were advertised with Mucha's posters often were top sellers as the designs were so beautiful. Mucha began a tradition of association of the female body and the sense of joy with products that continues into modern advertising. Artnoveauposters.biz has a great page about Mucha, which features more of his works and information about the artist and the art nouveau movement. 

 JOB by Mucha

works featured starting from top left, going clockwise: Dusk, Job and Cognac.


Lilah said...

I love Mucha, too! I always feel bad that I didn't have enough time to visit an exhibition of his works when I was in Prague :(

kristen. said...

Isn't he awesome? I just want to be a Mucha girl (my hair does not do that cute curly thing!).