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June 20, 2012

Vacation: Food on the Cruise

When I was on my cruise, the food was amazing. Every night I ate in the Starlight Dining Room with my mom and nana. The tables were set beautifully and the food was so fancy and delicious. I loved dressing up every night and sitting in the elegant dining room. An interesting food event attended was the Midnight Buffet. The food was arranged beautifully on the pool deck complete with salami flowers and ice sculptures. Thanks for reading a bit about my vacation.
xo, Kristen

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Jamie Gregory said...

Isn't cruise food the best?! We went on a cruise to Alaska last summer and the food was amazing! In fact, it was a little too good...we ate way too much!


kristen. said...

It was soooo good!
I'm super jealous you went to Alaska! I hear it's amazing going on a cruise there. (cough, cough future blog post suggestion) ;]

Jamie Gregory said...

It really was an awesome trip. The hiking and sightseeing there is amazing! Hey, that's a great idea - I'll definitely have to post about our Alaskan adventures! Thanks for the tip! :)