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July 8, 2012

Life this Summer

I'm trying to enjoy my summer. Really, I am. I wanted to be in Boston but I'm not and still attempting to make the best out of it. Between two jobs a biweekly internship and a science class I am stressed and always busy. As, I've mentioned before, my dog has the early stages of kidney failure so I'm doing the best I can with keep a solid medication schedule and going to her doctors appointments. On top of it all I'm trying to still spend time with friends and family while I'm in Rhode Island. In the midst of my crazy life, I snapped a few calming pictures I thought I'd share.

What are you doing this summer?


Jamie Gregory said...

Wow, you are busy for sure! As a teacher, one of my biggest pet peeves is when people assume that we don't have to do anything during the summer. So far, I've taken students to FFA summer camp for a week, helped conduct a few FFA kiddie pedal tractor pulls and school farm work days, worked on some curriculum planning, and attended a professional development seminar. There are still many teacher tasks that I will have to do between now and the first day of school. It was nice to take a break this past week for vacation and my husband's family reunion though.

I like the photos! Good luck with everything!

- Jamie

kristen. said...

You're pretty busy yourself this summer! I'm glad you had a good week off!