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July 6, 2012

Ten Reasons I Love Moonrise Kingdom

 I saw Moonrise Kingdom last weekend with my friend Kayla. We had a great time and thought the movie was exceptionally good; I think it's a perfect summer movie. If you haven't seen it yet here are my top ten reasons, no particular order, why you need to drop everything and get to the nearest theatre in which it's playing.
  1. Sam and Suzy. The main characters of this movie are 12 years old and madly in love. They are pen pals and decide to run away together. Seriously though, I'm 19 and no one has never offered to run away with me via letter. Where's my Sam? 
  2. The costumes. Sam is always in his Khaki Scout uniform and a raccoon fur hat. It's the cutest thing ever. Suzy is in an adorable, pink A-line collared dress, knee highs and "Sunday School" shoes. Whoever designed the costumes for this movie is probably going to start a 60's mod revival.
  3. The narrator. The movie opens with this guy setting the stage so to speak about the setting and the approaching storm. It's awkward, but hilariously fitting for the film. He's so random. Also he's a cartography instructor.
  4. Lightening. Sam and Suzy should probably have died based upon this force of nature. But they don't and it makes the story so funny and heart warming.
  5. The Wedding Scene. Sam and Suzy are wedded but it's not legally binding anywhere. That whole scene is adorable and hilarious,
  6. Tilda Swinton. She makes a small appearance in this film. She's just the best. Her name in the film is "Social Services" and that's her job. She is only referred to as that and refers to herself as that. And she sits in a tiny chair and uses a tiny phone.
  7. Cinematography. This film is shot beautifully. Everything in it is perfect. Everything is so warm and then the storm scenes are so dark. It's just perfect. 
  8. Awkward romance. There is a scene on the beach where Sam and Suzy dance in their underwear. It's so cute and innocent. There is an awkward kiss and feeling up scene and it is how everyone's first kiss should be.
  9. The ending. I don't want to be a spoiler but the last two minutes of the film is so freaking adorable. That painting!
  10.  The "feel" of the movie. The whole movie has a vintage 60's feel. It was just so fun and campy. It's easy to see why everyone loves the film.
Have you seen Moonrise Kingdom? What did you love about it? Comments make my day!
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