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July 5, 2012

Today in 1946: The Bikini

 On July, 5, 1946, Micheline Bernardini wore the first bikini style bathing suit in a public pool. The bikini was invented by Louis Reard and Jacques Heim. It was first named the Atome, after the smallest particle of matter, as it was considered the smallest article of clothing. Later the name changed to Bikini after the island used for testing of the atomic bomb.

I couldn't help but share after I saw this photo. They may seem somewhat classy by today's standards but Bernardini, a nude dancer was hired by the men to debut their scandalous invention. Many women thought the new bathing attire was crude. It was banned in several countries and declared sinful by the Vatican. Certainly an interesting history of today's most popular swimsuit style.

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Jamie Gregory said...

Interesting post! I am a little surprised at how skimpy it was for 1946.

Kailey said...

It really is interesting to trace back the history of certain styles!

Meanwhile, thank you so much for voting for me in ModCloth's contest - I really really appreciate it! <3