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September 6, 2012

A Few Weekends Ago...

few weekends ago, my mom, nana and I went to breakfast a few towns over and spent the afternoon walking around art galleries and garden shops.

We had breakfast at a place called the Barn. It was so pretty inside and the light was just gorgeous that morning. There were a bunch of sweet details inside like the iron rooster coat hook in the bathroom and mismatched wooden chairs. I had english muffins topped with sauteed spinach and poached eggs smothered in delicious hollandaise sauce. It was served with a side of home fries and fresh coffee and was absolutely amazing. All of the ingredients were so fresh and the farm fresh eggs were amazing!

After breakfast we walked around this gorgeous garden and a few art galleries. There was a whole room dedicated to elephant art as in paintings by elephants. Absolutely incredible. I ended my afternoon with some refreshing blood orange sorbet from a local gelato shop. It was such a nice summer afternoon and a great opportunity to spend some time with my family before moving back into school.
kristen from living bittersweetly

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