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December 23, 2012

Weekstagram: December 16th-22nd

1. Penny wanted to hold hands.
2. Penny loves Christmas lights.
3. My mom and I got breakfast at a diner.
4. My grandparents actually went to this diner on their first date in the '50s.
5. Kitty snuggles! 

 kristen from living bittersweetly


Stephanie said...

Lovely photos! The diner looks adorable. I love when my animals hold hands with me. :) Merry Christmas Kristen! :)

Kitty Cat Stevens said...

so neat that your grandparents had their first date there!

Kristen S said...

Thanks for your comments!
I was really excited to go to the diner because the inside is from the original. It was really cool to think about my grandparents being there together when they were about my age.