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January 28, 2013


Reading- So much critical theory! As a junior in college, my classes are not getting any easier and with that comes a whole host of complex reading materials. It's a ton of work but so enjoyable for me. Unfortunately, it does not leave a whole lot of Kristen-reading time but I'm still working my way through House of Leaves.

Watching- I just finished watch the second season of American Horror Story! So awesome! So crazy! If you've never watched it I recommend both seasons; it's an awesome TV show with great story lines and I love the way it was filmed.

Being involved with- My school's radio station and literary magazine! I'll post more about these things once they're up and running. I'm also stage managing (kind of like assistant director, for you non-theater folk) a play called Mrs. Packard for my friend Anna. It's her senior capstone piece and discusses rights of women in the 1860s. It's an awesome show to be involved with and it's great to spend lots of time with Anna.

Blogging- whenever I get the chance? I have a few things planned, including an epic What I Ate Over Winter Break Post coming up. I went to a variety of awesome restaurants over my break and am looking forward to sharing it with you!

p.s. dont you love the Sin City inspired font in my header?
kristen from living bittersweetly

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Janette said...

I want to read that what you ate post! Haha! Sounds delicious already!!

Janette Lane Blog

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