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February 6, 2013

20 Before Twenty-One!

Here is a list of twenty goals I would like to achieve and things I'd like to do before my 21st birthday:
1. go to a concert
2. visit Canada
3. blog more
4. start journaling regularly
5. exercise regularly
6. start a Cursive-inspired tattoo
7. take care of me
8. be more active as a feminist
9. be happier
10. quit my retail job
11. sell something on society6
12. learn to drive a car
13. make a design tutorial
14. dye my hair a crazy color again
15. take more photos
16. keep printmaking
17. document design process better
18. take a photography e-course
19. keep a 3.5 GPA for the next two semesters
20. make a portfolio website

kristen from living bittersweetly


Anonymous said...

You can take a photography course at NYIP. I'm a student there. Taking home course. :)

I'm your new follower. Cherry, Notes & Kisses.

Navin Menon said...

Hi I just followed your blog through the Blog Hop, if you get a chance please do follow back, looking forwArd to reading your posts.



Kristen S said...

Thanks for following and reading!

I'll have to check out the photo courses at NYIP. Thanks, Cherry!