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January 14, 2013

Weekstagram: December 30th - January 12th

Hey everyone! Sorry for being MIA for the past weeks but I am back! Here's some of my instagramming from the past two weeks!
1. My belated birthday cake
2. Me and Penny on New Year's Eve
3. Preview of a craft tutorial that will be up soon!
4. Penny cuddling on her sick day
5. I got a Babycakes Mini Doughnut machine for Christmas and made these delicious pumpkin doughnuts
6. Cheese fondue at the Melting Pot

 kristen from living bittersweetly


Alli said...

Pumpkin donuts, my mouth is seriously watering.

Kristen S said...

They were amazing! I think I ate like 20 mini doughnuts that day!