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February 23, 2013

Reflection on Blogging

I have been blogging here for three days shy of nine months now and lately I've felt a lack of inspiration. I love talking about my day and sharing it with everyone who reads it and I've really loved looking back at pictures of day and me talking about my life. But for the past month or so I've lost my inspiration and motivation to blog.

Like I said, it's been nine months. I should have more than 11 followers. I should have more interesting content. Right? I love reading blogs about people who have perfectly designed homes, beautiful clothes and eat meals with plate presentation. I can't help but compare it to my messy dorm room, my cheap, lackluster wardrobe and the nauseating cafeteria food I survive on. It makes me sad that I no longer love posting my comparatively mundane instagrams of midnight sushi binges and rabbits in the middle of Boston. I don't feel like talking about what I've been reading; no one cares about Baudrillard and Benjamin. No one wants to see my design projects. Right?

Then I recently read a post on Bitch Media, called Better Homes and Bloggers. It's a great article and I highly recommend it. It discusses how the "norm" for lifestyle blogging encourages others to feel as though their lives come up short. And I never wanted it to be about that for me. Yes, I love reading about perfectly planned parties and impractical DIYs but that's just not my life. And I want this to be an authentic space where people enjoy reading about me. And most importantly, I enjoy what I'm doing here and want to look back on it happily.

kristen from living bittersweetly

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