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June 19, 2013

Where to Find Me Sans Google Reader

Where to Find Me<br> LivingBittersweetly.blogspot.com
I'm angry at google. Normally this is a statement that I would never say. I love google and google products (Chrome, Picasa, Blogger) but now Google Reader is going away. I'm so sad. It's so convenient to log on to blogger, read the posts I'm interested in and post to Living Bittersweetly. Now I need to go through a third party to read my favorite blogs. My laziness makes me say, "ughhhh" but moving to Bloglovin' isn't awful. I love the layout and how easy it is to discover new blogs. 

I recommend using Bloglovin' to follow me (and your other favorite blogs) but here's a list of places to find updates on posts:

+ Bloglovin'
+ Twitter
+ Feed

kristen from living bittersweetly

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