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October 5, 2012

Links of the Week || 002

links of the week living bittersweetly
So I sort of haven't been keeping up with sharing my favorite links of the week... But let's change that!

1. Debbie the Cat Lover Song. This is hilarious. Every time I watch it I get hysterical. So get on it. Right now, especially if you haven't seen it. 

2. Jessica Mascitti's website. Gorgeous tattoo artist. This photo of her is perfection and she's so talented.

3. Papercut Art by Tina Tarnoff . These are just amazing. I want everything in this shop.

4. This list of Packaging Design.  I love great packaging design. And yes, I've already blogged about Hanger Tea but it totally belongs on this list! Another favorite is the juice boxes. 

5. This article about Thomas Czarnecki's photography. Some seriously amazing stuff. He has a series about dead fairy tale characters. Hauntingly beautiful.

6. Wind map. This is fascinating. Probably useless but I could watch it for hours. Hours.

7. @NietzscheQuotes. I like to have my daily dose on nihilism on my twitter feed.

8. The Worst Things for Sale. So fucking hilarious. Omg. I can't even handle the amount of ridiculous things that you can actually purchase. 

kristen from living bittersweetly

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