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March 29, 2013

20 Before Twenty-One {Progress vol. 1}

A few months ago, I posted a list of twenty things I want to accomplish before I turn twenty-one. I've made progress on some of my goals and instead of doing what would be a (hopefully) massive post, I'm going to post little updates on my progress. View the whole list here.

8. Be more active as a feminist.
This is a goal that is extremely important to me. Depending on who you speak to or what your beliefs are feminism can be a dirty word. However, it's true meaning is that people should be treated equally and given the same rights, privileged and opportunities, regardless of gender. Lately, I have been doing my part in advancing awareness on my school's campus. As I've mentioned briefly in a few posts, I stage managed a production of Mrs. Packard for a friend who directed the play as a theatre graduation requirement. The play speaks about the unjust imprisonment of women during the 1800s. In that time it was legal for a man to place his wife in an insane asylum for disagreeing with him. Mrs. Elizabeth Packard was a remarkable women who worked to change the law in order to protect others from this fate. It was an incredible show to work on and I highly recommend researching the play and the remarkable woman who inspired it.

Also later this month, I was invited to speak at a panel hosted at my school about gender in the classroom. I'm super nervous about speaking in front of professors, administrators and fellow students! I'm currently working on what to say for my part of the panel and am so excited to share a cause I am passionate about with my academic community.

12. Learn to drive a car.
I'm learning. I can (almost) drive in a straight line and make turns. 

14. Dye my hair a crazy color again.
I wouldn't say it's crazy... but I used the Loreal "Wild Ombre" kit on my hair. It's just sort of blonde at the ends with some pink in the back from previous colorings but I'm thinking about dying it blue over that.

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Navin Menon said...

Good Job on learning to drive a car