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February 23, 2013

Reflection on Blogging

I have been blogging here for three days shy of nine months now and lately I've felt a lack of inspiration. I love talking about my day and sharing it with everyone who reads it and I've really loved looking back at pictures of day and me talking about my life. But for the past month or so I've lost my inspiration and motivation to blog.

Like I said, it's been nine months. I should have more than 11 followers. I should have more interesting content. Right? I love reading blogs about people who have perfectly designed homes, beautiful clothes and eat meals with plate presentation. I can't help but compare it to my messy dorm room, my cheap, lackluster wardrobe and the nauseating cafeteria food I survive on. It makes me sad that I no longer love posting my comparatively mundane instagrams of midnight sushi binges and rabbits in the middle of Boston. I don't feel like talking about what I've been reading; no one cares about Baudrillard and Benjamin. No one wants to see my design projects. Right?

Then I recently read a post on Bitch Media, called Better Homes and Bloggers. It's a great article and I highly recommend it. It discusses how the "norm" for lifestyle blogging encourages others to feel as though their lives come up short. And I never wanted it to be about that for me. Yes, I love reading about perfectly planned parties and impractical DIYs but that's just not my life. And I want this to be an authentic space where people enjoy reading about me. And most importantly, I enjoy what I'm doing here and want to look back on it happily.

kristen from living bittersweetly

February 14, 2013

4 Ways to be Single and Enjoy Valentine's Day

I'm the first to admit that I'm a cynic of Valentine's Day. I hate everyone being happy and in love and the overwhelming amounts of pink and hearts everywhere. Although I'm dressed in entirely black and disgusted by the love-fest, I also can't help but admit that I wish I had a Valentine. Instead of being upset by my lack of a partner, I've decided to be my own Valentine. Use my tips to laugh, shop and eat your way to a great Valentine's Day.

1. Netflix. If you're spending the night in, it's a great time to take advantage of the free month of Netflix offers to all new subscribers. Whether you need to laugh, cry or sit in open mouthed awe, there's something for you to watch.

2. Takeout. Getting takeout is a great way to treat yourself to something delicious while avoiding the abundant duos at every restaurant in existence. Calling ahead or inbetween lunch and dinner should make the wait a little less terrible. Using an ordering service, like Foodler, lets you schedule your order so you can get your food delivered at the time you want (and alerts you to any available coupons the restaurant offers). 

3. Treat yo'self. (Any Parks & Rec fans?) Anyways... going to a salon to get a manicure done is always a treat. If you feel like staying in or are short on cash, give yourself a manicure or do a DIY spa treatment. If you don't have a lot of free time, do something simple. Giving myself a fresh coat of nail polish always boosts my mood, whether I'm laying in bed crying over Closer or studying diligently. 

4. Shop. As I'm sure anyone who has read this blog before knows, I love to drown my sorrows in online shopping. I just posted a list of sales that will make Valentine's Day pity shopping a little more affordable. I'm definitely going to indulge my shopping addiction for sure with the awesome Urban Decay sale!

kristen from living bittersweetly

SALE TIME! (February 2013)

Here are some great sales to drool over for February 2013:

Urban Decay
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American Eagle
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kristen from living bittersweetly

February 8, 2013

Sushi and Fondue.

No the sushi and fondue was not eaten together!

As I had previously promised here is a semi-epic food post from over winter break. My cousin, aunt and I spent some quality time together literally eating a boatful of sushi! I also went to a fondue restaurant with my mom and nana to celebrate me getting a 3.7 GPA last semester. 

February 6, 2013

20 Before Twenty-One!

Here is a list of twenty goals I would like to achieve and things I'd like to do before my 21st birthday:
1. go to a concert
2. visit Canada
3. blog more
4. start journaling regularly
5. exercise regularly
6. start a Cursive-inspired tattoo
7. take care of me
8. be more active as a feminist
9. be happier
10. quit my retail job
11. sell something on society6
12. learn to drive a car
13. make a design tutorial
14. dye my hair a crazy color again
15. take more photos
16. keep printmaking
17. document design process better
18. take a photography e-course
19. keep a 3.5 GPA for the next two semesters
20. make a portfolio website

kristen from living bittersweetly